At Pillar Care Support Services, we provide a range of opportunity for NDIS Participants to join one of our Social Groups at a number of locations across Melbourne. We limit our group sizes so participants can get to know on another and establish meaning connections.


Join one of our Social Groups:


Let’s meet and Chill Afternoon

Our let’s meet and Chill is a relaxed time to socialise with others and form valuable social connections. Our session includes activities such as café visits, movies, relaxation exercises, safe sporting activities, board games, karaoke, drama and music, and many other outdoor/indoor activities. If there is something you have always wanted to try with friends or peers but have never had the opportunity, our team will make that happen!




Our special weekly FunDay is a full or half day of social activities in a beautiful venue. This is a fantastic opportunity to socialise, have lunch and try a mix of activities including outdoor visits to popular location in Melbourne, art museum visits, visiting the zoo and many more!



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